Rudolph Hamm's Marine Corps enlistment press release

As mentioned above, Rudolph is the "third gentleman from the left in the rear row" who "already sports a black eye."

Seated:  "Rip" Carrie, Johnny Wilkerson, Reginald Wilkerson, Charles Highes (misprinted: should be Charles Hughes), Riley Jeffcoat
Standing:  J. E. McElvaine, Dorsey Jordan, Rudolph Hamm, Recruiting Sgt. R. M. Henry, Sgt. J. P. Waites, Bill Derickson,
and Vernon Sanders

Note:  Wake Island, referenced in the above press release, fell to the Japanese on December 23, 1941.  Rudolph had just
celebrated his 16th birthday in October, a couple of months prior to enlisting.  He subsequently landed on Guadalcanal in the
Solomon Islands with the 1st Marine Division on August 7, 1942 -- possibly the youngest Marine.  The 1st Marine Division
departed Guadalcanal in December 1942

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Rudolph Hamm (far right) with friends

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