Photos courtesy of  Morgan Hamm
Photos below show exterior views on the west side -- the following photos are by Marv Hamm
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Pottery Firing Kiln -- believed to have been used by  Robert Solomon Ham  for firing his pottery.
Abraham Miller  is believed to have jointly used this kiln with Robert Solomon Ham -- possibly from the
late 1880's to mid 1890's; and perhaps intermittently up to 1912 when Robert Solomon Ham died.  
Abraham Miller is believed to have continued to operate this kiln until his death in 1928.  The Miller family
eventually moved the pottery business west to Alabama Highway 5, several miles north of Heiberger.  This
kiln is located just North of Mt. Olive Baptist Church on the west side of County Road 51, on land originally
owned by Abraham Miller through a U.S. Land Patent homestead -- 9-1-1891.


Robert  Solomon  Ham   pottery

Birmingham  Museum  of  Art

photo  courtesy  of  Joey  Brackner
R  S  H

photo  of  pottery  marking  courtesy  of  Joey  Brackner