Marv Hamm's Genealogy Home Page -- Photo Album 5
Photos contributed by  Wanda  Spencer  Scott   and   Shane  Spencer
Frank  Williams  and  Harriet  "Hattie"  Milviney  Williams  

Hattie  was the wife of  Henry  Theodore  Hamm

Frank Williams  is Hattie's brother
Frank and Hattie were children of James Williams  and Elizabeth
Mulder / Muldrew or Mullinger (?) of  Perry Co., Al.
(see note at bottom of page)
Guy  Spencer   and   Sally  Audrey ( Audrey )  Hamm  Spencer

Audrey  was the daughter of  Henry T. Hamm and  Hattie  Williams  Hamm
Lee  Roy  Harland   and   Zula  Elizabeth  Hamm

( Zula was the daughter of Henry and Hattie Hamm )

babies (L/R):

John Hiram Harland  &  Beryl Elizabeth Harland
Guy  Spencer

husband of  Sally Audrey (Audrey) Hamm

pictured in WW I uniform
Sally  Audrey  (Audrey)  Hamm  Spencer

wife of  Guy  Spencer  and  daughter of  Henry and Hattie Hamm
Annie  Mae  Hamm  Wright

daughter of Henry and Hattie Hamm  and wife of  James  Wright
Everlue  Hamm  Green

daughter of  Henry and Hattie Hamm

and wife of  William  Frank  "Bill"  Green

March 17, 1953
Elmer  Cecil  Hamm       Sally  Audrey  (Audrey)  Hamm  Spencer       Everlue  Hamm  Green

children of  Henry  and  Hattie  Hamm
Guy  Spencer

husband of  Sally  Audrey  (Audrey)  Hamm
Henry  Theodore  Hamm

sitting on his porch with his fiddle  --  youngest son of

William  and  Eliza Ham  of  Perry County, Alabama

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Note:  Elizabeth Mullinger  (verbal family history from Texas) was likely to have been  Elizabeth Mulder (previously Muldrew family --
Ga. 1834).  See references:
"Alabama Folk Pottery"  by Joey Brackner, 2006, The University of Alabama Press, Tuscaloosa, Alabama;
published with the cooperation of the Birmingham Museum of Art.  
Harriet Milviney Williams'  brother was  Frank Williams.