Transcript of the Hughey Family Bible with entries from 1872 to 1969
This was transcribed as written in the Bible. Any additional information will be in
parenthesis. These were all written in the same handwriting except as noted.


William Mitchel Hughey was borned Aug 5th 1872

Georgia Ann Hughey was borned Mar 31st 1874 (Married Jesse C. Ham)

Rachel Emily Caseline Hughey (other family records show her name to be Caroline) was
borned Apr. 28th,1876 (married John H. Ham)

Marry Francies Arminta Hughey was borned Jan 9th 1878

Andrew Napoleon Hughey was borned Mar 31st 1879

Eva De Joeanna Hughey was borne Feb 11th 1881

Richard Washington Hughey was borned Apr. 6th 1883

Montezuma Hughey was borned Nov 5th 1884

Lanta Estelle Hughey was borned Mar 31st 1886

Elbert Mckleroy Hughey was borned Apt 10th 1889

Martha Olly Hughey was borned Nov 5th 1890

Nellie May Hughey was borned Sept 14 1894 (Married Palmer Perry)

Anna Levert Hughey was borned May 27 1897


George W. Hughey and Ellen Brazier was married Sept 24, 1871

Georgeann Hughey and J C Ham (Jesse C.) was married in Jan 1892

Carrie Hughey and J H Ham (John Harrison) was married in Oct 1892

W. M. Hughey (William Mitchell) and Hattie Miller was married in Oct 1893

Fannie Hughey (Mary Frances)and L W Young (Luddie) was married in June 1897

Eva Hughey and W M Miller (William M.) was married in June 1900

Andrew N Hughey and Lottie Logan was married June 1901

Estelle Hughey and Monroe Miller was married June 1902

(different handwriting)
M J Hughey (Montezuma) and Dovie Stone were married Nov. 19, 1911

Mack Hughey (Elbert McElroy) and Etha Dunkin were married Oct 29 1913

Mattie Hughey and A. L. Geeslen (Albert) were married Nov 14 1917


Richard Washington Hughey died July 17th 1884

(different hand writing)
Ellen Elizabeth Brazier Hughey died June 9 1910

George Washington Hughey died September 5, 1925

Georgeann Ham died Nov 1918

Fannie Young died 1923

Evva Miller died Nov. (no year)

Estelle Miller died Oct 1950

Nellie Perry died Feb. 2nd, 1944

Anna Massey died March 31, 1953

Mack Hughey died July 1st 1957

Zuma Hughey died Feb 20, 1964

Mattie Ollie H. Geeslin died Dec. 11, 1969 (birth records showed her name as Martha Olly)
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