Family Tree information courtesy of Shane Spencer
Additional info:  John Hiram Harland, Linzey Joe Harland, Jay Russell
Henry Theodore Hamm  was the son of  William J. Ham  and  Eliza A. Morton  of  Perry County, Alabama.  Harriet "Hattie" Milviney
was the daughter of  James Ambrose Williams  and  Elizabeth Mullinger.  They were married in  Perry County, Alabama  in
Note:  Elizabeth Mullinger  (verbal family history from Texas) was likely to have been  Elizabeth Mulder (previously Muldrew
family -- Ga. 1834).  See references:
"Alabama Folk Pottery"  by Joey Brackner, 2006, The University of Alabama Press, Tuscaloosa,
Alabama; the Birmingham Museum of Art.  
Harriet Milviney Williams'  brother was  Frank Williams.

Henry Theodore Hamm, born April 10, 1871, Perry County, Alabama; died Dec. 19, 1930, Redwater, Texas;  and Harriet Milviney
, born August 5, 1866, Centreville, Bibb County, Alabama; died Dec. 15, 1935, Redwater, Texas.  They were married in Perry
County, Alabama, in 1896 and had the following children:

Zula Elizabeth Hamm, born December 8,1897 - Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa Co, Alabama; died June 17,1940, Redwater, Bowie
      Co, Texas; married
Lee Roy Harland, born July 1, 1893, Redwater, Bowie County, Texas; died July 11, 1951 (obituary).
      Married in Redwater, Texas, January 30, 1921.  They had the following children:

John Hiram Harland (obituary), born August 26, 1921, Redwater, Bowie County, Texas;  married  Peggy Jean Burns,
                      Miller Grove, Hopkins County, Texas.  They had the following children:

Elizabeth Angela Harland -- children:  Jamison, Tiffany, Ross

                              Linzey Joe Harland
married Tina Kay Payne -- child:  Alleigh Rae Harland

                      Beryl Elizabeth Harland   1922 -1987;   married  Hugh Guy    They had the following children:

Maureen Guy

                              Andy Guy

                      Lee Roy Harland, Jr.     1924 -1924

Infant Daughter Harland  1927 -1927

Annie Mae Hamm    born 1899 - Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa Co, Alabama; died 1981 - Eloy, Arizona;
James Wright.  They had the following children:

Charles Wright  --  abt. 1920

Maurice Wright  --  abt. 1923   

Sally Audrey Hamm   born Dec. 17,1900 - Bessemer or Selma; Jefferson Co. or Dallas Co., Alabama; died September 20,1988
      Texarkana, Bowie Co, Texas;  married  
Guy Spencer (obituary)  on August 31, 1919.  They had the following children:

James Darwin Spencer   1920

Rodney Guy Spencer



                              Gary Mitchell Spencer


                      Dewel Ralph Spencer  (deceased) 1923 -1959
Bruce Wayne Spencer




                              Michael Spencer


                              Sherry Druscilla Spencer


                      Marjorie Spencer                1925

                              Audrey Lou Black




                              James Lee Black




                              Kenneth Eugene Black

                              Ricky Guy Black

                      Walter Emil Spencer    (deceased)  1928 -1993

Emily Diane Spencer

                      Evelyn Lucille Spencer                1931

                              Judy Ann McDonald





                      Wanda Wray Spencer                1935

Carrol Lee Spencer                1937

                              Deborah Sue Spencer



                              Carol Rena Spencer



      Everlue Hamm    born June 17,1904 - Redwater, Bowie Co, Texas; January 15,1991 - Texarkana, Bowie Co, Texas;
William Frank "Bill" Green     They had the following children:

Harriet Vallery Green                1936

      Henry Luther Hamm    born March 25,1909 - Redwater, Bowie Co, Texas; died February 23,1926 - Texarkana, Bowie Co,
      Texas; died from a ruptured appendix at age 16

      Elmer Cecil Hamm    born October 31,1910 - Redwater, Bowie Co, Texas;  died October 8,1990 - Texarkana, Bowie Co, Texas;
Dorothy "Lillian" Alexander.  They had the following children:

Willie May Hamm                    1939



                      Janit Lucille Hamm


                      Shirley Ann Hamm
Lisa Michelle


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