Ephesus Cemetery -- Northeast of Sprott, Alabama:  Families:  Ham;  Hughes;  Morton;  Hughey
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Ephesus Baptist Church -- Northeast of Sprott, Alabama
The above notes are from Ephesus Baptist Church History written in the mid 1980's

List of Charter Members from 1865 forwarded courtesy of James Tanton
                                          History of Ephesus Baptist Church

 On November 5, 1865, Henry O. Haggard and Jesse M. Heard, ordained ministers of
 the gospel, met at a school house near Matthias Nichols and formed themselves into a
 Presbytery and after examining the brethren and sisters upon the principles of faith
 adopted by the Cahaba Baptist Association, and being found Orthodox, they    
 constituted the following 28 names into a church.  These charter members are  
 relatives of many of the present membership:

               David Gentry                                        F. M. Nichols
               George W. Hughey                               Elizabeth Gentry
               T. E. Nichols                                         Catherene Nichols
               Melinda E. Nichols                                Elizabeth M. Pannells
               Tempa M. Worrells                               Matilda A. Nichols
               Sarah A. Clark                                      Arminta E. Barnett
               Mary Logan                                          H. O. Haggard
               William T. Gentry                                 Joseph Smith
               W. J. Hughey                                       Louiza Perry
               Sarah E. Nichols                                  Dorothy G. Nichols
               Malissa J. Nichols                                Mary Henly
               Manervia A. Nichols                             Alanrue Nichols
               Margaret E. Harrison                           Barbara Nichols
               Emily Hughey                                      Jesse M. Heard
 There are many interesting items one reads in the old minutes.  The foreign mission offering
 in 1917 was $2.32.  A quotation reads "paid on pastors salary April 14, 1917, $3.70."  An old
 associational letter for the year 1923 shows that the pastors salary that year was $90.50.
 Total church expense was $105.22.  We think of that in comparison to our church budget of  

 The original building was of hewn logs which later burned around 1880.  A frame building was
 constructed then which, with many improvements, still serves as the sanctuary today.  In the
 fall of 1938 a Sunday School room was added.  New flooring, doors, windows, were repaired
 in the early part of 1955.  Five Sunday School rooms were also completed at this time and
 butane heat installed throughout the church.  In October 1960 work on the inside of the
 auditorium was completed.  The floors were refinished and new pews were added in
 February of 1963.  In 1969, we installed central heat and air conditioning, dug a well and
 added bathroom facilities.  We added carpet in the sanctuary and it was ready for homecoming
 in 1973.  Early 1974 we added the vestibule out front to our building.  An electric organ was
 purchased and put in our church for homecoming 1975.  In June of 1979 we added carpet for
 the Sunday School rooms.  In November of 1983 we built and furnished a fellowship hall
 adjacent to our church.  As one improvement is completed another seems to take its place
 and we hope for many more in the years ahead.  

 Under the leadership of Rev. Jack Drinkwater, Ephesus Church agreed to go full time on a
 trial basis in March of 1960.  We have remained full time ever since.  The average membership
 during the life of the church has been from 120 to 150 members, with a present membership
 of 131.  Sunday School has been held here for a long time.  In 1949 a Training Union was
 organized and functioned until October 1978.  At that time it was decided that, due to lack of
 interest and people, it be discontinued.

 We have a very active WMU organization, organized in 1934, which at many times has been
 the very life of our church.  They recently celebrated their 50th anniversary with a celebration
 at our church.