Ephesus Baptist Church -- funeral service late July, 1908  (death occurred on July 19, 1908)

From a scan by James Tanton of a photo in the possession of Mildred Mitchell -- "retouched"
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Tragic Death of  Jeffie Hughey -- Grandson of Robert Solomon Ham -- July 19, 1908
In the above picture, the lady in black to the far right of the picture is Ella Ham Hughey, a daughter of Robert Solomon Ham.  

Ella is dressed in black in mourning for her son, Jeffie Hughey, who was shot and killed at Ephesus Church on Sunday,
July 19, 1908.   Jeffie had just celebrated his 18th birthday a week before he was shot, and was a grandson of Robert Solomon Ham.

News clippings below.   Research, news clippings, and photo courtesy of James & Dottie Tanton.
Ella J. Ham  &  Sample A. Hughey
Ella J. Ham was the daughter of Robert S. Ham & Ellen M. Ratliff

Parents  of  Jeffie Hughey

photographic image owned and displayed courtesy of James Tanton





JULY 11, 1890


JULY 19, 1908
Death has been here and borne away

A son from our side

Just in the morning of his day

In youth and love he died
Buried  at  Ephesus Cemetery -- Sprott, Alabama