Marv Hamm
A story of Ham's and Hamm's in the same family
I am  Marvin J. Hamm, Jr.,  oldest of 6 children born to  Marvin J. Hamm, Sr.  &

Mary Magdaline Goodson.  My father was born as  Marvin Joseph "Ham"  on

Feb. 9, 1929, in Selma, Alabama.  Upon enlisting in the U.S. Navy in 1946, he signed

up as
 Marvin J. "Hamm",  changing his surname by adding an "m".  In doing so, he

was following the example set by one of his older brothers,  
James Rudolph Hamm,

who had done likewise several years earlier when he had enlisted in the U.S. Marine

Corps during WWII.  Eager to enlist,  
Rudolph  had to lie about his age to sign up

because he was too young to have legally joined any of the Armed Services -- he had

just celebrated his 16th birthday!   The recruiter had suggested the name change, as

he said, to
"avoid any confusion with the military records of his older brother",

Robert C. Ham, who had already enlisted in the U.S. Navy.  However, I believe that the

recruiter may have simply been trying to make it more difficult for anyone to discover

that he had enlisted a very young and possibly underaged   
James Rudolph Ham !

( Rudolph's enlistment photo )

My grandparents were  Herman  Richard  Ham  and  Mary  Ellen  Gardner.   My

great-grandparents were  
Columbus  Filmore  Ham  and  Matilda  Jane  Church.  

My great-great-grandparents were  
Robert  Solomon  Ham  and  Ellen  M.  Ratliff.

My great-great-great-grandparents were  
William  J.  Ham  and  Eliza  A.  Morton.

The name of  
William  J.  Ham's  father is not  yet known.  His mother is believed to

have been  
Rebecca,  born about 1790, who maintained a residence in Franklin

County, North Carolina into the 1830's, moved with her family to Heard County,

Georgia by 1840; and to Randolph County, Alabama by 1850.  Her maiden name may

have been  

I reside in the Dallas, Texas area ( Richardson, Tx. ) where I am employed as a
commercial pilot.  In addition to family genealogy, my interests include general aviation,
kit airplane building, photography, video, home-made DVD's, computers, and the

My website is designed to help gather and share family information, stories, and
pictures that might otherwise be lost if we don't act now to preserve them.  It is intended
for private individual use -- not for publication, profit, or other commercial purposes.

I would appreciate any family information or pictures that you would like to share with
others.  Occasionally, due to my travel schedule, I may be unable to respond to e-mail
for up to a week; but I will do my best to respond to your e-mail or other communica-
tions in a timely manner.

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Marv Hamm with daughter Louisa J. Hamm

1982 Big Bend National Park, Tx. on the Rio Grande River
Louisa J. Hamm

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